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Friday, February 13, 2009
Cambodia service learning trip

After hearing the briefing on the Cambodia service-learning trip, I went very interested in the trip. Before the briefing, I was resentful towards the idea of going for the trip as I thought that it would clash with my revision for the End of Year Examinations. However, Mr Gabriel Tay made a remark that set me thinking. He had mentioned that we, as scholars, were chosen as we are the best and we have shown them that we are capable of managing our time wisely. That had really set me thinking. Thus, I started to grow supportive towards the idea as I want to challenge myself to be able to manage my time wisely. After the briefing, I grew very interested in the trip. Among the 4 project sites, I was especially interested in the Dumpsite slum. I had learnt about the dumpsite slum in my Geography lesson and I had learnt that the people there are relying on the scraps of the rubbish by selling them away. With all those scraps, I don’t think they would have enough money to support a family. For the riverside slum, I think that it would require a much stronger association to help them out. I don’t think that Xinmin would have the necessary equipments to help clear the many rubbish from the lakes away. As compared to the High school and the Widows’ Island, I think that the dumpsite slum would be more challenging. I am very excited about the trip as I think that this would definitely be an enriching experience and it would definitely teach me lessons that I can never learn from textbooks. It’s not an everyday chance that students get to go to a run-down country and experience their lives. This trip would also show me how far I can stretch myself and I would get to know about different cultures. I’m always interested in other people’s way of lives so, I think that this experience would definitely be beneficial for me. After this trip, I hope that I can be more mature in my thinking and understand my blessed situation in Singapore. I hope that I can enjoy myself there despite the harsh conditions. This way, I would be able to understand the sense of accomplishment volunteers get from helping people in need.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008
Conceptions of success

Day: 27 November 2008
Time: 10:48 AM
Mood: Happy!

Success is a symbolism of hard work and effort. Not to forget, perseverance and determination. It is a proof of how much you put in to achieve your goals. But most importantly, to me, I think that success is a reaffirmation of our standards and it is here to encourage us to be better, instead of being proud. I don’t deny that I’m way competitive, always wanting to be the best. True, I will get angry and disappointed by myself if I fail but I will always stand up again. Because deep down, I know that it’s the journey that matters most instead of the results. As long as you had not failed your own capabilities, there’s no reason to be upset. Competition is a way of making yourself the best but it can also cause you to fall the hardest. The result will have to depend on your determination to succeed. A famous person who to me is successful is Anna Pavlova, a dancer. Being a dancer, you have to be graceful and have techniques and flexibility, Of course, at the time of Anna Pavlova, the audiences look for long arms and legs and a graceful arm line. Anna Pavlova wasn’t born with the most remarkable talents. Neither is she blessed with a beautiful face and the physical stature of a dancer. However, she still fell in love with ballet at first sight and took up dancing lessons. Teachers had always been biased against her but yet, she persevered to continue dancing. To me, I think that she is successful as she had put in tons of hard work. At the starting line, she was the last but yet, she’s able to push herself to be the best. She’s successful, one who achieved what she aimed for. As for how she inspired me was through her determination. She managed to overcome her physical disabilities and prove to all those who had looked down on her wrong. One person that I know personally and who I deem to be successful is my father. He was born into a family of 5 and was the middle kid and the eldest son. My grandmother always described him as the most filial and hardworking child. When he was in Secondary 2, he always helped my grandmother in her work. Times were hard back then and my grandmother had to do jobs like pasting the gold sheet on the incense paper. My father chose to spend his time after school to help my grandmother instead of studying. However, he still managed to be the first in class because he was always attentive in class. He dropped his studies after O’levels so his younger brothers could finish their education. Not only that, he worked so hard that earned his family a TV and a motorcycle. Without him, his family wouldn’t even watch TV till these years. However, he continued to strive in his work and is now an army officer of high rank. Whenever I look at him, I felt a sense of protection and pride. I had always felt so blessed to have a father so successful. His spirit of self-sacrifice and perseverance touched me. To me, he is really extremely successful. But what inspired me the most is his filial piety. He had taught me how to respect my elders and love my parents. My goal is to be a performer because I know that my strengths can be used to the maximum on stage. I speak well and I have confidence (loads of them). I love the attention when I’m on stage. Be it in acting or dancing. It’s pretty obvious I love dancing but I don’t think many people can guess that I love acting as well. SERIOUSLY! Haha. Through this programme, I hope to develop my self-discipline and patience. Self discipline is essential in every job and to me; I don’t think that I am disciplined enough to control myself. Also, I go for thrilling things and therefore, require excitement in every minute. So, I must cultivate my patience!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008
Scolarship and service

Day: 16 November 2008
Time: 10:26 AM
Mood: Bored!

To me, a scholarship is an opportunity for students to have a higher platform to showcase their talents. It is like an investment in a student and the student should see this as a privilege and use this scholarship wisely. A scholarship is also seen as a glimpse of hope to some as the scholarship can give them an opportunity to further their studies. A scholar ought to have great academic results, good performance in their Co- Curricular Activities (CCAs) and an excellent behaviour. Excellent behaviour means that their attitude should be humble, positive and enthusiastic and their attire should always be neat and tidy. They must also be helpful and try their best to be the best in everything that they do. A scholar has to fulfill his responsibility in these 5 areas: family, academics, social life, character and of course, their CCA. I think that behind every (almost!) successful person lies a supporting family. Therefore, if a family was to provide so much for you, the least you can do is to return to them your unconditional love, attention and time. Also, academics are important. It is because of your academics that the scholarship was given to you in the first place, so, we must take it as our responsibility to ensure that our academics are up to the standard. Of course, every person needs friends. Therefore, I think that a scholar should manage his or her time wisely to spare some time to have a few confidantes. Look at some of the students in Xinmin now. They are so cooped up in their studies that they have no friends as they devote all their time to studying. How lonely they are! Also, you can’t forget your CCA. Its main purpose is to expose you to many activities and it also creates more time for you to relax and enjoy, instead of studying all day. Character building is the most important, though. In order to create a good impression to everyone around you, you must have certain qualities within you. Therefore, a scholar’s character is essential. Of course, not all journeys are easy to travel on and obstacles are inevitable along the way. Firstly, there will be stress. Being a scholar, people tend to have higher expectations of you and demand or have a mindset that scholars must be the best. In order to satisfy their demands of you, you will have to undergo a lot of stress to reach their standard. Also, not only stress, there will be ‘friends’ who will try all means to make you fall, be it due to jealousy or unhealthy competition. Another obstacle would be the time constraint. If you want to lead a fulfilling life and be an all-rounded scholar, you must be able to settle for the 24 hours a day. Thus, a scholar has to plan. A scholar must be a leader, but a leader may not be a scholar. When a person is being accepted as a scholar, the examiner will have to see if he or she has certain characteristics to make him or her stand out from others. One of the characteristics that examiners will look out for is leadership quality as a scholar is seen as a role model to other students and therefore, must be able to lead. However, if you are a leader, you may not have the attitude or academics to be a scholar. As a scholar, I would intend to first serve my school, then society then nation. Being only 14, I would start from scratch and render my service to the school first. I can take up leadership roles like student leader or class chairman. Next step would be society. I can be an active volunteer and for nation, I can grow up and be a civil worker. Since I am still a secondary student now, I should do my own duty first, yeah? Since the holidays are so boring, I think I may write a post about AIDS patients the next time round. (I’m not sick, okay! I’m just really touched by this 9.00PM show on Channel 8. It’s about an AIDS patient who contracted this terrible disease due to a moment’s folly and with support from his friends and family, he managed to stand strong.)

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day: 9 November 2008
Time: 10:30 PM
Mood: Sleepy...
Test Results
Your personality type is ENFP.

Extraverted (E) 96% Introverted (I) 4%
Intuitive (N) 68% Sensing (S) 32%
Feeling (F) 85% Thinking (T) 15%
Perceiving (P) 59% Judging (J) 41%

A. Where is your energy naturally directed?
Extraverts' energy is directed primarily outward, towards people and things outside of themselves.Therefore, Extraverts tend to be more naturally active, expressive, social, and interested in many things.
Extraverts often:
1.Have high energy
2.Talk more than listen
3.Think out loud
4.Act, then think
5.Like to be around people a lot
6.Prefer a public role
7.Can sometimes be easily distracted
8.Prefer to do lots of things at once
9.Are outgoing & enthusiastic

B. What kind of information do you naturally notice and remember?
Intuitives are more interested in connections and relationships between facts as well as the meaning, or possibilities of the information.Intuitives tend to be imaginative, theoretical people who trust their hunches and pride themselves on their creativity.
Intuitives often:
1.Focus on the big picture & possibilities
2.Admire creative ideas
3.Notice anything new or different
4.Are inventive - see what could be
5.Think about future implications
6.Trust their gut instincts
7.Prefer to learn new skills
8.Like to figure things out for themselves
9.Work in bursts of energy

C. How do you decide or come to conclusions?
Feelers make decisions based primarily on their personal values and how they feel about the choices.
Feelers often:
1.Decide based on their values & feelings
2.Appear warm and friendly
3.Are most convinced by how they feel
4.Are diplomatic and tactful
5.Value harmony and compassion
6.Take many things personally
7.Are quick to compliment others
8.Are motivated by appreciation
9.Avoid arguments and conflicts

D. What kind of environment makes you the most comfortable?
Perceivers prefer to experience as much of the world as possible, so they like to keep their options open and are most comfortable adapting.
Perceivers often:
1.May have difficulty making decisions
2.Are playful & unconventional
3.Are less aware of time & run late
4.Prefer to start projects
5.Play first, work later
6.Want to keep their options open
7.Question the need for many rules
8.Like to keep plans flexible
9.Want the freedom to be spontaneous

General: ENFPs are both "idea"-people and "people"-people, who see everyone and everything as part of an often bizarre cosmic whole. They want to both help (at least, their own definition of "help") and be liked and admired by other people, on bo th an individual and a humanitarian level. They are interested in new ideas on principle, but ultimately discard most of them for one reason or another.

Social/Personal Relationships: ENFPs have a great deal of zany charm, which can ingratiate them to the more stodgy types in spite of their unconventionality. They are outgoing, fun, and genuinely like people. As SOs/mates they are warm, affectionate (l ots of PDA), and disconcertingly spontaneous. However, attention span in relationships can be short; ENFPs are easily intrigued and distracted by new friends and acquaintances, forgetting about the older ones for long stretches at a time. Less mature ENFPs may need to feel they are the center of attention all the time, to reassure them that everyone thinks they're a wonderful and fascinating person.

ENFPs often have strong, if unconvential, convictions on various issues related to their Cosmic View. They usually try to use their social skills and contacts to persuade people gently of the rightness of these views; his sometimes results in their negle cting their nearest and dearest while flitting around trying to save the world.
Work Environment: ENFPs are pleasant, easygoing, and usually fun to work with. They come up with great ideas, and are a major asset in brainstorming sessions. Followthrough tends to be a problem, however; they tend to get bored quickly, especially if a newer, more interesting project comes along. They also tend to be procrastinators, both about meeting hard deadlines and about performing any small, uninteresting tasks that they've been assigned. ENFPs are at their most useful when working in a group w ith a J or two to take up the slack.

ENFPs hate bureaucracy, both in principle and in practice; they will always make a point of launching one of their crusades against some aspect of it.

ENFPs are friendly folks. Most are really enjoyable people. Some of the most soft-hearted people are ENFPs.

ENFPs have what some call a "silly switch." They can be intellectual, serious, all business for a while, but whenever they get the chance, they flip that switch and become CAPTAIN WILDCHILD, the scourge of the swimming pool, ticklers par excellence. Som etimes they may even appear intoxicated when the "switch" is flipped.

One study has shown that ENFPs are significantly overrepresented in psychodrama. Most have a natural propensity for role-playing and acting.

ENFPs like to tell funny stories, especially about their friends. This penchant may be why many are attracted to journalism. I kid one of my ENFP friends that if I want the sixth fleet to know something, I'll just tell him.

ENFPs are global learners. Close enough is satisfactory to the ENFP, which may unnerve more precise thinking types, especially with such things as piano practice ("three quarter notes or four ... what's the difference?") Amazingly, some ENFPs are adept at exacting disciplines such as mathematics.

Friends are what life is about to ENFPs, moreso even than the other NFs. They hold up their end of the relationship, sometimes being victimized by less caring individuals. ENFPs are energized by being around people. Some have real difficulty being alone , especially on a regular basis.

One ENFP colleague, a social worker, had such tremendous interpersonal skills that she put her interviewers at ease during her own job interview. She had the ability to make strangers feel like old friends.

ENFPs sometimes can be blindsided by their secondary Feeling function. Hasty decisions based on deeply felt values may boil over with unpredictable results. More than one ENFP has abruptly quit a job in such a moment.

Functional Ananlysis:
Extraverted iNtuition
The physical world, both geos and kosmos, is the ENFP's primary source of information. Rather than sensing things as they are, dominant intuition is sensitive to things as they might be. These extraverted intuitives are most adept with patterns and connections. Their natural inclination is toward relationships, especially among people or living things.

Intuition leans heavily on feeling for meaning and focus. Its best patterns reflect the interesting points of people, giving rise to caricatures of manner, speech and expression.

Introverted Feeling
Auxiliary feeling is nonverbally implied more often than it is openly expressed. When expressed, this logic has an aura of romance and purity that may seem out of place in this flawed, imperfect world. In its own defense, feeling judgement frequently and fleetly gives way to humor. ENFPs who publicize their feelings too often may put off some of the crowd of friends they naturally attract.

Extraverted Thinking
Thinking, the process which runs to impersonal conclusions, holds the extraverted tertiary position. Used on an occasional basis, ENFPs may benefit greatly from this ability. Less mature and lacking the polish of higher order functions, Thinking is not well suited to be used as a prominent function. As with other FP types, the ENFP unwary of Thinking's limitations may find themselves most positively mistaken.

Introverted Sensing
Sensing, the least discernible ENFP function, resides in the inner world where reality is reduced to symbols and icons--ideas representing essences of external realities. Under the influence of the ever-present intuition, the ENFP's sensory perceptions are in danger of being replaced by hypothetical data consistent with pattern and paradigm. When it is protected and nourished, introverted sensing provides information about the fixed. From such firm anchoring ENFPs are best equipped to launch into thousands of plausibilities and curiosities yet to be imagined.

Perhaps the combination of introverted Feeling and childlike introverted Sensing is responsible for the silent pull of ENFPs to the wishes of parents, authority figures and friends. Or perhaps it's the predominance of indecisive intuition in combination with the ambiguity of secondary Fi and tertiary Te that induces these kind souls to capitulate even life-affecting decisions. Whatever the dynamic, ENFPs are strongly influenced by the opinions of their friends.

Whether you're a young adult trying to find your place in the world, or a not-so-young adult trying to find out if you're moving along the right path, it's important to understand yourself and the personality traits which will impact your likeliness to succeed or fail at various careers. It's equally important to understand what is really important to you. When armed with an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and an awareness of what you truly value, you are in an excellent position to pick a career which you will find rewarding.

ENFPs generally have the following traits:

Bright and capable
Warmly, genuinely interested in people; great people skills
Extremely intuitive and perceptive about people
Able to relate to people on their own level
Service-oriented; likely to put the needs of others above their own
Dislike performing routine tasks
Need approval and appreciation from others
Cooperative and friendly
Creative and energetic
Well-developed verbal and written communication skills
Natural leaders, but do not like to control people
Resist being controlled by others
Can work logically and rationally - use their intuition to understand the goal and work backwards towards it
Usually able to grasp difficult concepts and theories
ENFPs are lucky in that they're good a quite a lot of different things. An ENFP can generally achieve a good degree of success at anything which has interested them. However, ENFPs get bored rather easily and are not naturally good at following things through to completion. Accordingly, they should avoid jobs which require performing a lot of detailed, routine-oriented tasks. They will do best in professions which allow them to creatively generate new ideas and deal closely with people. They will not be happy in positions which are confining and regimented.

The following list of professions is built on our impressions of careers which would be especially suitable for an ENFP. It is meant to be a starting place, rather than an exhaustive list. There are no guarantees that any or all of the careers listed here would be appropriate for you, or that your best career match is among those listed.

Possible Career Paths for the ENFP:

Politician / Diplomat
Writer / Journalist
Television Reporter
Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, or Computer Specialist

The quiz had absolutely described me! Firstly, about the question on where is my energy naturally directed, I totally agree with it! I tend to be active, expressive and I’m always interested in many things! However, I have a short attention span; always fail to put all of my attention into a particular something. As what the quiz had said, I definitely have high energy, always thinking out loud and am outgoing and enthusiastic. I am so easily distracted and I love to be around people. My thinking is that the world is basically made up of people, so I have to love to be around people! That’s how people survived in this world, isn’t it? On question B, it’s true too. I prefer working with my instincts, instead of facts. As I have a very flexible mind, I don’t think that facts can determine everything. Sometimes, what we think may be the truth. As the saying goes, the human’s mind is amazing! I am also one person who admires creativity and instead of polishing up existing skills, I would definitely prefer to learn new skills. To me, I think that people on Earth are supposed to constantly expose him or her to many new things and experiences, so when we are dying, we won’t regret how restrictive we are when we are young and full of energy. Therefore, I should take this opportunity when I’m young to enjoy as many things as possible. When question C asks about how had I come to conclusions, I partly agree. It’s true that I decide based on my values and feelings and I value harmony and compassion. I would often tell a white lie just not to hurt others’ feelings. However, I disagree the fact that I take many things personally! I am quite forgiving and I don’t always blame others even when they do something wrong. Also, I don’t avoid arguments and conflicts. Personally, I think that arguments are a unavoidable event that must take place between any human beings. If there are absolutely no arguments with you and someone else, I must admit that the 2 parties are not being honest to each other at all! On the question that asks us what kind of environment makes us the most comfortable, I honestly admit I’m really indecisive at times! Even when I do a chart on the pros and cons of two decisions, I will be so troubled and confused! Ah! I love to keep my options open and I don’t like to be too rigid. I don’t understand the need for so many rules when human beings have a mind to choose on their own. Don’t you think so?
The quiz stated that “attention span in relationships can be short; ENFPs are easily intrigued and distracted by new friends and acquaintances, forgetting about the older ones for long stretch at a time. Less mature ENFPs may need to feel they are the center of attention all the time, to reassure them that everyone thinks they're a wonderful and fascinating person.” I totally agree! I definitely have a short attention span in relationships! Due to my outgoing personality, I constantly make friends and due to the short attention span of mine, I easily get distracted by new acquaintances, and forgetting about my long-time friends. However, it will be not long before I return back to my friends as I know that they are the ones who helped me the most in my school life! They will not be so easily replaced. I also love to be the center of attraction as I love to be the “star”. (shh!) It may be due to my passion for being onstage. I love it when everyone cast their attention on me. That’s how I am, even though I know it’s selfish at times. Also, the quiz described me as “They come up with great ideas, and are a major asset in brainstorming sessions.” This is true! I love to come up with new ideas, but most are ridiculous as I always love to have a laugh in serious discussions. This had caused some group leaders to feel exasperated at times, but I always manage to come up with a fabulous idea immediately, so as to make the leader ‘relax’. Oh ya, I totally agree with this part, “ENFPs have what some call a "silly switch." They can be intellectual, serious, all business for a while, but whenever they get the chance, they flip that switch and become CAPTAIN WILDCHILD, the scourge of the swimming pool, ticklers par excellence. Som etimes they may even appear intoxicated when the "switch" is flipped.” I have serious moodswings, beware! Even my friends had claimed that I can be happy at minute and then, sad the next. I can’t stay in a particular emotion for long. Also, I never told many about these, but I loved to act. Acting and role-playing never fail to interest me. However, onece my parents got to know about it, they immediately rejected the idea as they want me to be a more knowledgeable person instead of one who acts for a living. But, this won’t stop me from acting. Being onstage acting, dancing, giving speeches and even conducting the National Anthem (I tried all ways to get onstage! Really!) always make me happy. “ENFPs like to tell funny stories, especially about their friends.” Haha, I know this may seem evil at times but I derive a happy sensation whenever I see someone laughing at what I’m saying. This gives me the satisfaction of pleasing others! I mentioned in my previous post that my best subject is Mathematics, which is exactly what the quiz had written, “Amazingly, some ENFPs are adept at exacting disciplines such as mathematics.” “Some have real difficulty being alone , especially on a regular basis.” That’s me! I can never stand loneliness! I like to be around people so much that I hate the feeling of being lonely anytime, in the day! Even when I sleep in my own room, I need to have a plush toy to be my companion. Also, I dislike the awkwardness between people. I love it when people are able to communicate with each other happily, like the quiz said, “She had the ability to make strangers feel like old friends.” I would make strangers able to be friends, because I hate awkwardness between strangers! Everyone we meet now all have one similarity which is living on the same planet! Why not be friends wit everyone we meet? “More than one ENFP has abruptly quit a job in such a moment.” This had just recently happened to me when I quitted the Chinese Symposium in school due to hasty decision. Speak about timing! Haha. About the possible career paths, it’s exactly what I said in my previous post! I stated in being a psychologist and I said so above that I wanted to be an actor! Isn’t it so true? And I also wanted to study law, so that I can be a consultant! After doing this quiz, I am more confirmed of my goals in life and I know that to be what I want in life, I have to really put in all my hard work and effort to achieve them. Since the quiz stated that my job should be about human relations, I will know my strengths and choose a career that had my strengths in mind. However, being someone who constantly handles huamn relationships, I have to be real forgiving in heart and understand people! This quiz had definitely told me things that I did not know about myself and now, I'm more clear of my strengths and weaknesses and how to improve myself!

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Saturday, October 25, 2008
Who am I?

Day: 25 October 2008
Time: 10:58 PM
Mood: Excited!

Who am I? If you are thinking about an ordinary girl who doesn't care about a thing in the world, you are in for a big surprise. Because I'm no ordinary girl! No way.

I'm Koh Wern Chieh from Class 204 and in Xinmin Secondary School. As you can see, even my name is extraordinary. I can bet that there is absolutely no one on Earth who shares the same name as me. I have 2 brothers. Being the only girl in the whole family, I had always been adressed as the rose among the thorns (haha). Someone told me that a middle child never belongs in the family but I had never thought so. My parents treat us all the same without any biasedness.My Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) is Chinese Dance. I had already stated in my profile that I have a passion for Ballet and Chinese Dance. By starting Ballet classes since I was 5 and Chinese Dance classes since I was 7, It's hard to stop a blossoming passion for it.

Since we had touched the topic on Dance, I shall introduce you on how much Dance had affected me both physically and mentally. Whenever I dance, a door would open for me and I would enter a magical world where there is no sound. Therefore, thoughts can only be expressed by actions and steps. I had always felt free when I'm dancing, as if the whole world had stopped just to see and understand me. As for physically, I had grown more muscles (haha)! Also, my stamina had greatly improved due to the many jumps and turns I'm supposed to do in my dance classes. I had this dream of becoming a world famous dancer and thus, I'm working hard to achieve my goal. I even take up extra Chinese Dance classes outside school in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) to expand my horizons. However, I had no choice but to quit when my father's job faced some problems due to the economic tsunami. Nevertheless, I'm still going to do my best in school and in my Ballet classes. Dance had always helped to distress myself from problems I faced. For example, if I am having a major examination tomorrow, I would dance for a few minutes to calm myself down and distract myself from studies for a few moments.

However, if you think that I'm one who only dance and not study, you are so wrong. The second job that I desire is to become a psychologist. I'm very interested in the way that humans behave and react beased on different situations. Thus, I had did some research on the subjects that are important to Psychology and have taken up these subjects when I'm choosing my subject combinations.

My greatest motivation in my life is no doubt, my father. He is the one who had taught me character values and groom me into who I am now. Whenever I face a problem or any obstacle, I would not hesitate to tell him my problems and I always know that he will be there for me no matter what and he always provide the best advice for me. With his unwavering faith in me, I have learnt not to breach his trust and always put in my best in everything that I do. He is a very filial son to my grandmother and I had always admired that characteristic about him.

I am a very outgoing and sociable person. I would never hesiatate to make friends and laugh out loud. As you can possibly see, I have a very loud nature, always the one to crack a joke and the one who jumps around, finding interesting things to play with. With such a personality, I can not concentrate on things for very long. I would get bored by things easily and would find some other stuffs to entertain myself. Did I mention that I'm a very competitive person? As I always do my best, I would expect myself to achieve the best results. However, even if sometimes, I did not manage to be the best, I would bounce back and face other challenges with optimism. I always reminded myself that I should be enjoying the process of every learning experience instead of the result. Also, I love to perform on stage, be it for my dance or just simply a speech. Being able to perform on stage for dance had allowed me to display my talent in front of the student body and by saying a speech, I can enhance my communication skills.

Despite all the strengths I had stated above, I have some undeniable flaws. Being too 'sociable', I am over talkative and always chat in class when teachers are not looking. You can say that my mouth can't stop moving, actually. And being a girl who can not stop moving, I had always been complained by my friends about how 'over active' I am and I have seriously started to settle down and be more mature.

My best subject is Mathematics. I could possibly get the gene from my father, who is good with numbers as a kid. My worst subject is Art, though. You can say that there is no artistic gene in my whole family (oops).

And a random thing to add about me, I absolutely hate bananas and the colour yellow. I adore red and strawberries! As you can see from my favourite colour, I'm a passionate person who goes for excitement and 'highness'.

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